Welcome To Chapin Circle – The Internet Television Series

CHAPIN CIRCLE is the first television series TRULY made for the Internet.
Why? Because just like the Internet, you can experience it YOUR way. Watch full episodes or tailor your viewing to the character YOU want to watch.

Heather (20-something), Annie (30-something), Becca (40-something) and Susan (50-something) are neighbors in different stages of their lives and relationships. Heather is a caterer planning her soon-to-be wedding to her live-in doctor fiancé, Eric. Annie is a high school teacher desperately trying to get pregnant while keeping a secret from her Assistant District Attorney husband, David. Becca is a once-successful civil litigation lawyer turned stay-at-home mom to two young daughters, trying to sustain a relationship with her absent investment banker husband, Tom. Susan is a part-time realtor trying to balance life between raising a teenage daughter and wading the tides of a twenty-year marriage (to Ed) that is suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, on the rocks. But all four women survive – and thrive – because of what they have in common. EACH OTHER.

CHAPIN CIRCLE is “new T.V. – the way it USED to be”. Great characters. Great stories. No gimmicks. No hooks. Viewable when you want it, how you want it. Tune in – and let the women of CHAPIN CIRCLE walk their way into your heart.

CHAPIN CIRCLE is created and written by Michele Palermo; Executive-Produced by Paul Prissel and Michele Palermo through their company West Fifty-First Street productions in conjunction with Larry Gilbert. Episodes were directed by Michele Palermo and Larry Gilbert.